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Recently I had to conduct research on ways of deploying a pmml model. I spent some time finding different options and now I decided to make my findings available for publicity to save your time.

Let’s go!

IBM Watson

Paid: yes.

There is an option to use it for free…

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There is a report based on SSRS. In the report, there is a filter allowing multiple values like checkboxes. And some rows are not included in the report.

SQL Server gets a comma-separated value list as a filter from the report. …

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Get down to business.

@TableName — parameter with table name as it in SQL Server without a company name. Item -> Item, G/L Entry -> G_L Entry.

A new view will contain all fields from the table. We don’t need timestamp (189) and Image (34) types.

SELECT ',['…

Hi team!

Primarily the article is dedicated to Dynamics NAV developers which are aware of Git but still don’t know how to start. I think the article will be also useful for different types of developers and users.

In the previous article, I described how to convince your team to…

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Time is going fast, changing processes, tools and development approach around us. CI/CD, tooling, serverless, DevOps, DevSecOps, ArchOps and all these “ops” are not only buzzwords anymore. The base of them is Git. If you google “why do I need Git”, most of the articles will describe the…

Hi team!

A few weeks ago I redesigned our service and it turns up more complicated than it was expected. The service uses some data in temporary tables as input and table count dramatically increased that time. The solution was to use another object as a buffer.

When we have…

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Today I’m testing exporting XML. The goal is to have an XML file like below:


Code review — is a good practice to keep your code clean, teach your team and spread knowledge among it. It is an important part of the quality assurance process: the earliest step in identifying future mistakes is code review (with automated tests).

When you work with your code via…

Hi team!

Today I tell you about my home experience of building NAV 2018 database from Bitbucket repo on Team Foundation Server.


  1. SQL Server 2017 RTM (not named, default instance);
  2. Dynamics NAV 2018;
  3. Team Foundation Server Express (not VS Online, Not Azure DevOps, not TFS online, just TFS on-premise…

Hi there!

It’s 10 years from NAV 2009 was delivered, but we still use this solution in making business better and we still have topics to talk about:)

How do we solve a problem with parallel development NAV 2009? Someone develop code in one database then test code in another…

Kirill Cheremisin

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